Friday, June 29, 2012

Still here!

Sorry fan....s? I figure that instead of sitting in front of this computer thingy I should be outside, hiking or running, or in the kitchen with my beautiful wife making the good food happen. So, apologies for the delay.

Rainbow falls, Watkin's Glen

Things have been awesome. Crazy, yes. But awesome. (Crazy awesome?) We went to Watkin's Glen a few weeks ago for the weekend of our lives, our second annual visit to Gita at the Ginger Cat vegan B&B. Amazing food. Such a vegan haven, that town. We walked the gorge trail, ate vegan ice cream multiple nights in a row, and had a late night wine picnic on a picturesque meadow filled with millions of fireflies. 

Returning to the real world wasn't so much fun. 

Also been going up to 'dacks every weekend, did Jockeybush Lake last Sunday. Incredible.

Recently departed butterfly right on the lake

Stay hydrated, stay prepared, and have fun! 
And above all, do no harm.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Hikes on beans

Been a bit of a strange couple weeks. Was sick with some kinda stomach bug for a few days, then went away to a friend's cabin near Chatham, NY for a long weekend... long story short I haven't been as consistent with the running lately. That said, I DID go for a great hike last Saturday with my lovely wife Peggy, two great friends, and two silly dogs :)

Harvey Mtn in Columbia county. Fun climb, almost 4 miles round trip, with some nice panoramic views at the top. Great workout!
(had to cross this creek about halfway up)

Speaking of running.. did the 5k loop in my neighborhood with Kevin Wednesday and again this morning. Consistency and working out have apparently been paying off! Last year around this time (when I was a relative n00b) I did a 5k for my work at a 10:32 pace (to be fair I was injured) and got our comfortable pace down to 9:15ish. Feels great!! Plan on doing 5-6 tomorrow.

Hiking, running, walking the dog.. all positive ways to keep moving.

Eat more kale! (Not "chik'n".. barf)

Monday, April 9, 2012

Holdin' it down

Yep, still here.

I'm really bad at keeping these things up. I tend to be all or none when it comes to I had a Facebook for a while but the whole idea just kinda creeps me out so I killed that. (They make it super hard to delete your account permanently and try to guilt you into keeping it, by the way.) I used it too much, wasn't really getting anything done, and it keeps you connected to people who you should naturally not be in contact with eg exes etc. Bad news.

Point being, if anyone actually reads this, check back periodically. I'll update sometimes. Maybe. Or not.


I did another "long" run the Sunday prior to Easter. Did the 5 miles on the bike path, then 3.2 the next day. Pulled something, felt like my hamstring or something in my hip so I was out for the next week. Easter was good, got back on the proverbial horse and pushed it up to 6 miles. Felt awesome. It was a gorgeous day, and got to sport my new Brooks running shorts which were a sweet, wonderful surprise from my amazingly beautiful and thoughtful wife. Simply put, she's the best.

OH! I almost forgot. Said beautiful lady was pretty sick for a good couple weeks so I was in charge of making the vegan magic. Made some pretty delicious meals, if I do say so myself. Here's a picture of some whole wheat rotini with spicy Thai peanut sauce that I made. (And a yummy cabbage/avocado etc salad I can't take full credit for). 

Life is pretty great. Be good to yourself, and everyone else.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Back in the game, baby!

It's been super nice out these past few days. Must take advantage.

Did my first "long" run yesterday, first one since before the winter. Went to the bike path at SCCC and ran to Lock 8 and back. All in all it was 5 miles, averaging about a 9:45 pace. Not bad for me, really. Was supposed to go with my training partner Kevin but he slept in. We did, however, complete the 5k loop in my neighborhood today at around the same pace.

Feeling strong again. And liking it.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Me vs. stairs

No, not like running up and down them.

Peggy and I have been working to remodel the stairs in our 100 year old house. They were awful. Green paint covered with a terribly gaudy carpet. So far we've removed the carpet and started the arduous task of sanding. Who knew sanding would leave such a mess? Slow-going? Yes. But running has taught me one thing: take your time or you'll end up doing something stupid.

Btw I've been quite the slacker about running. I think my brother and I will go tomorrow. Can't wait for consistently warmer weather.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Back home/Vegan Dagwood

Well, the week in sunny Florida came and went. The weather was nice, was a generally relaxing vacation. But glad to be back home. Absence makes the heart grow fonder of dog, cats, and house.

Found a good spot and did 3ish miles every other day. It was vacation, after all.

And here's the sandwich that I made today. "You made a Vegan Dagwood!"

Vegan Dagwood: Two pitas, lightly toasted in castiron, some TVP/Horseradish Gar-la-la spread, baby spinach, Tabouleh, Tofurkey slices, and homemade tempeh bacon.

Fun fact: Peggy like Floriba.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

A win

Only did 2 today. Was defeatist about it for an hour. Then realized "Hey, at least I went. And if I didn't go outside on a freakish Spring-like day like this in January I'd be a fool."

So I call it a win. Florida in 6 days, plan on going everyday. Outside, in shorts. Yes.