Saturday, April 21, 2012

Hikes on beans

Been a bit of a strange couple weeks. Was sick with some kinda stomach bug for a few days, then went away to a friend's cabin near Chatham, NY for a long weekend... long story short I haven't been as consistent with the running lately. That said, I DID go for a great hike last Saturday with my lovely wife Peggy, two great friends, and two silly dogs :)

Harvey Mtn in Columbia county. Fun climb, almost 4 miles round trip, with some nice panoramic views at the top. Great workout!
(had to cross this creek about halfway up)

Speaking of running.. did the 5k loop in my neighborhood with Kevin Wednesday and again this morning. Consistency and working out have apparently been paying off! Last year around this time (when I was a relative n00b) I did a 5k for my work at a 10:32 pace (to be fair I was injured) and got our comfortable pace down to 9:15ish. Feels great!! Plan on doing 5-6 tomorrow.

Hiking, running, walking the dog.. all positive ways to keep moving.

Eat more kale! (Not "chik'n".. barf)

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  1. i like hiking with you. and our lil georgie marfle.