Friday, June 29, 2012

Still here!

Sorry fan....s? I figure that instead of sitting in front of this computer thingy I should be outside, hiking or running, or in the kitchen with my beautiful wife making the good food happen. So, apologies for the delay.

Rainbow falls, Watkin's Glen

Things have been awesome. Crazy, yes. But awesome. (Crazy awesome?) We went to Watkin's Glen a few weeks ago for the weekend of our lives, our second annual visit to Gita at the Ginger Cat vegan B&B. Amazing food. Such a vegan haven, that town. We walked the gorge trail, ate vegan ice cream multiple nights in a row, and had a late night wine picnic on a picturesque meadow filled with millions of fireflies. 

Returning to the real world wasn't so much fun. 

Also been going up to 'dacks every weekend, did Jockeybush Lake last Sunday. Incredible.

Recently departed butterfly right on the lake

Stay hydrated, stay prepared, and have fun! 
And above all, do no harm.

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