Monday, April 9, 2012

Holdin' it down

Yep, still here.

I'm really bad at keeping these things up. I tend to be all or none when it comes to I had a Facebook for a while but the whole idea just kinda creeps me out so I killed that. (They make it super hard to delete your account permanently and try to guilt you into keeping it, by the way.) I used it too much, wasn't really getting anything done, and it keeps you connected to people who you should naturally not be in contact with eg exes etc. Bad news.

Point being, if anyone actually reads this, check back periodically. I'll update sometimes. Maybe. Or not.


I did another "long" run the Sunday prior to Easter. Did the 5 miles on the bike path, then 3.2 the next day. Pulled something, felt like my hamstring or something in my hip so I was out for the next week. Easter was good, got back on the proverbial horse and pushed it up to 6 miles. Felt awesome. It was a gorgeous day, and got to sport my new Brooks running shorts which were a sweet, wonderful surprise from my amazingly beautiful and thoughtful wife. Simply put, she's the best.

OH! I almost forgot. Said beautiful lady was pretty sick for a good couple weeks so I was in charge of making the vegan magic. Made some pretty delicious meals, if I do say so myself. Here's a picture of some whole wheat rotini with spicy Thai peanut sauce that I made. (And a yummy cabbage/avocado etc salad I can't take full credit for). 

Life is pretty great. Be good to yourself, and everyone else.

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