Monday, January 16, 2012

Vegan Yummy by Danny

That's right.

I have a blog now.

I'd been posting on my wife Peggy's blog from time to time, but figured this might keep me motivated in my quest to run a marathon this year. I suppose this will be my place to log my training runs and link to whatever awesomeness she (and sometimes I) makes for dinner. :)

Anyway, the race isn't until October, and I haven't even run anything close to that distance, but my little bro has been my inspiration. He essentially started at the same spot as me and just finished his first 26.2.. the Walt Disney World Marathon. I'm really proud of him. And also kind of want to beat his ass.

I think I have a leg up (pardon the pun... the run pun.. the rhyming run pun... ugh sorry I'll stop now) on him, because he eats crap. And I eat awesome yummy vegan food.

New quest: protein shakes for breakfast. I use the "Plant Fusion" brand. Super balanced and soy free. I get plenty of soy. I tend to mix half a banana, some kale, a little flax meal, and berries (if I remember to buy them/if they are fresh in season) with one scoop with an immersion blender.*

Tasty as can be. Can't even taste kale. (I actually was inspired to use kale in smoothies by Alanis Morissette's interview in Runner's World)

I suppose that's it for now. Time to play around with layouts etc.

*I always thought this would've been a great kitchen tool in one of those gruesome, over-the-top, silly death scenes in the old Friday the 13th movies. USE IMMERSION BLENDERS WITH CARE.

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  1. run run run!!! and don't forget to make me a smoothie too :)